Our Customers

Our customers expect advanced high-performance threat protection to keep their business-critical data secure and their staff safe and productive – and we deliver.


Healthcare organizations in the US are required to protect electronic health records and patient information while complying with HIPAA/HITECH regulatory requirements.

Insurance and Financial Agencies

These are mostly locally owned, often with no structured IT departments, thereby placing credit card information, polices, and identifiable information at high risk.

Service Industry

Companies that sell goods and services to consumers – coffee shops, restaurants, and specialty boutiques often process credit cards but lack dedicated security measures to ensure customer data is protected from cyber attacks.

Local Governments

Local government operate systems that provide critical services for city infrastructure, police departments, and others. They store confidential data but often manage their systems with a few or no IT resources dedicated for cyber security, thereby exposing data to risk.

NGOs & Charitable Organizations

Many charitable organizations or non-profit organizations are heavy users of IT Systems nowadays and handle critical internal and external data. They can become easy targets for cyber criminals.