Why Cyber Security?
  • Dec 05, 2020
  • By Blog Admin

Why Cyber Security?

Since its inception internet is intricately linked up with our modern existence. With the gradual increase in its affordability internet has grown popular among the masses besides classes.

The recent pandemic Covid-19 induced it further as cyber dependence was the only solution while in quarantine to have connectivity with the outside world. From money transfer to buying grocery or medicine and fashion, the industry at large became entirely dependent on online mode of transacting.

This gave cyber criminals an opportunity to wreak havoc as people became easy victims being hoodwinked by the cyber traps encompassing our daily life through gateways of ignorance.

According to the report, in January, Google registered 149k active phishing websites. In February, that number nearly doubled to 293k. In March, though, that number had increased to 522k – a 350% increase since January.

In one four-month period (January to April) some 907,000 spam messages, 737 incidents related to malware and 48,000 malicious URLs – all related to COVID-19 – were detected by one of INTERPOL’s private sector partners.

All these are reflections of just the tip of the iceberg with the fear of relentless cyber attacks at all levels of the IT infrastructure.

Herein emerges the necessity of possessing knowledge of cyber security so that one can employ his defence at the initial level thereby ensuring detection of cyber breach in his IT environment.

The implementation of various output devices for online work viz. pc, laptop, tab mobiles etc has exposed them towards vulnerabilities as threats are ever changing their definition and dimension. So in order to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals, security measures in an IT environment needs to be in professional hands for deployment, execution and maintenance.

It is in your hands to choose the right partner after an able survey of the resources on offer, their affordability and expertise brilliance certified by industry recommendations. The invitation is for all from an amateur to a professional. Come and equip yourself to stand tall amidst a turbulence which if aptly negotiated shall yield fruitful results for your existence and prosperity.

However, no one can ensure a 100% conclusive protection but through proper security control measures damage can effectively be controlled and ably recovered so that normal operations are restored in no time giving the management a relief and value for money. As we move forward towards a hope of winning over this pandemic our insurance of cyber environment rests in our knowledge of cyber security. The decision is yours.

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